Women and youth constitute 71% of voters in Telangana

The total number of voters in Telangana state reached three crore and there has been an increase of 19 lakh voters in the last five years. According to the voters list published by the Election Commission of India in January 2023, there are 2.99 crore voters in the state of them 2.12 (71 per cent ) of voters are women and youth. Those in the age group of 18 – 19 years are 2.78 lakhs.

Assigning various reasons, as many as 2.72 lakh voters were removed from the list of eligible voters and added 6.84 lakh new voters. Following the latest list, 34,891 new polling stations are being planned. The final list of voters is expected to be published in October 2023. The Serlingmapalli Assembly constituency has the highest number of 6,44,072 voters while the Bhadrachalam Assembly constituency has the least number of 1,4,813 voters.

Of the total number of 2,99,77,659 crore voters in Telangana state, male voters are 1,50,50,464 crore and women are 1,49,25,243 crore voters. Those in the age group of 18 to 39 voters numbered 1,28,83,205 crore. Those completing 18 years of age by October 1, 2023, will be added to the final list to be published by the Election Commission of India on October 4.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao.