When will Telangana state go for Assembly polls?

People from different walks of life are eager to know the election schedule and when the polling will be held in Telangana next. Some social media groups and other informative channels are busy giving their own version of the schedule of Assembly elections. Some of them are giving the election schedule pertaining to the 2018 elections. However, the present Assembly has got a term till January 16, 2024. The Election Commission of India will be conducting elections to the Telangana Assembly before that time.

Usually, the date on which the first session of the Assembly begins will be taken into account and an election will be conducted before that time in the fifth year. The ECI has to begin its exercise 60 days before the term of the Assembly expires. In 2018, Mizoram, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chattisgarh went to polls along with Telangana state. The ECI hints that again these states will be going to polls simultaneously.

The Mizoram Assembly session was held first on December 17, 2018, earlier than all other states. If that is going to be taken into consideration, the election schedule is likely to be issued before October 17. After the announcement of the election schedule, Mizoram went to polls in six weeks and Telangana state went to polls after eight weeks.

Going by those considerations, the polling in Telangana is likely to be held in the last week of November or the first fortnight of December. The time from November 14 and the complete December month is considered very auspicious for performing marriages and other occasions. November and December would keep both the general public and politicians busy with ceremonies and election campaigns.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao