Will march to Medigadda with 50k farmers if Cong govt fails to lift water: KCR

BRS party supremo KCR stated that if the Congress government fails to repair the Medigadda barrage and provide immediate relief to farmers, he and 50,000 farmers will march to Medigadda. He emphasized that following the Lok Sabha elections, his party, along with farmers, will launch a massive agitation against the state government’s criminal negligence in repairing the Medigadda barrage, leading to agricultural distress.

KCR spoke at a media conference after visiting the dried crops and meeting farmers in Karimnagar and Sircilla districts. KCR accused the Congress government of intentionally neglecting the barrage repairs, resulting in extensive crop losses. He warned of building farmer agitation due to the government’s failure to fulfill promises, leading to distress and suicides among farmers.

KCR mentioned that with the help of  due diligence by central agencies like WAPCOS and state engineering departments, the Kaleshwaram project was completed swiftly. He criticized the government for delaying repairs to the barrages for political gain, emphasizing the responsibility of any government to address such issues promptly.

The administration, including the Chief Minister, lacks understanding of water and project management, according to KCR. He questioned why the government remained inactive while farmers faced distress, demanding immediate support of Rs. 25,000 per acre for crop losses. KCR urged the government to prioritize agriculture and irrigation issues.

He highlighted the benefits brought by the Kaleshwaram project to the Karimnagar district but expressed concern over recent crop losses due to water mismanagement. KCR criticized the Congress for failing to fulfill electoral promises, attributing drought-like conditions to their governance.

KCR urged the Congress to focus on governance instead of political stunts and fulfill electoral promises such as 2 lakh loan waiver, pensions, electricity supply, and 500 bonuses for crops. He warned of consequences if the government continued to procrastinate. He criticized Congress leader KK Mahender Reddy for insensitive remarks towards weavers, suggesting they sell condoms and papads if they lacked work.

KCR condemned the government for failing to provide drinking water despite substantial investments in projects like Mission Bhagiratha by previous government. He demanded free water supply to all citizens who are depending on water tankers.

Regarding BJP’s prospects in Telangana, KCR dismissed them, citing their poor performance in previous elections and loosing more than half of the assembly segments