Why minorities should vote for Congress, asks Minister Mahmood Ali

In the states ruled by the Congress and BJP, the minorities continue to live in fear and distress. If the Congress party treated the minorities as vote banks, the BJP instigated them against Hindu voters for its political mileage. But in contrast, under the BRS rule in Telangana, they live in peace and witness development, said Telangana state Home Minister Md Mahmood Ali.

It was the BRS part that treated the minorities on par with others and even allocated huge sums for their empowerment. In the ten years of Congress rule in Andhra Pradesh, the minorities got just Rs. 934 crore while the BRS during the past ten years spent Rs. 12,000 crore for minority welfare. New exclusive residential schools, junior colleges and degree colleges were opened, the religious leaders got enhanced monthly remuneration, dargahs and mosques were renovated, and poor Muslims were given gifts during their holy festival Ramzan to name some.

Muslim girls and boys are getting good education and employment opportunities now than ever. They are getting overseas scholarships as well which is a first of its kind. Home Minister Mr Md Mahmood Ali said “The most important thing for the Muslim minorities is that there is not a single day of curfew or any incident of communal violence under BRS regime in Telangana state. What more one could aspire for? Mr KCR ensured the true spirit of `Ganga Jamuna Tehjeeb,” he pointed out.

He appealed to the Muslim community not to get carried away by the slogans of any party – BJP and Congress. They should vote for BRS party and strengthen the hands of CM KCR for more empowerment and development.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao