Who is fomenting these riots?

The sudden flare up of communal tensions in Madannapet and Saidabad is a cause of serious concern. The timing of these riots and the modus operandi of the miscreants shows that there are some hidden forces behind these riots.

Who are those hidden forces? and what do they get out of creating such incidents? The answers are not difficult to find. In fact a precursor to yesterday’s events happened last week.

It was only a week ago that the relatively peaceful town of Sangareddy witnessed ugly riots that affected the livelihoods of dozens of innocent petty traders in the town.

Initially everyone thought that these are one of those routine riots. But a couple of fact-finding missions by intellectuals from Hyderabad concluded that these riots were premeditated.

All hands point towards Local Congress MLA and state government Chief Whip Toorpu Jayaprakash Reddy (alias Jagga Reddy), who is known to be a vehement opposer of Telangana statehood movement, and who is seen as the hired gun of Seemandhra plutocrats

Even MIM supremo Asaduddin Owaisi and Telangana Political JAC chairman Prof Kodandaram clearly stated that it was none other than Congress MLA T. Jayaprakash Reddy’s followers who created mayhem in Sangareddy town.

A closer look at yesterday’s incidents also prove that some evil forces are hell bent on creating communal tensions within Telangana.

Some miscreants threw pieces of cow flesh in a temple near Kurmaguda and also smeared the temple walls with color. This has led to tension as several youngsters from both religions gathered and very soon someone started pelting stones.

Within a couple of hours, miscreants started attacking passersby. Few bikes were burnt and at least 6 people were injured.

Deliberate attempt to irk a community, the timing of the incident and the random stabbings on the roads near Saidabad and Madannapet are tell-tale signs of an organized communal riot.

The city of Hyderabad still remembers the bloodbath that happened during Marri Chenna Reddy’s rule. The YS Rajasekhara Reddy faction within Congress party, which was desperately trying to oust Marri Chenna Reddy, fueled one of the worst communal riots in Hyderabad history.

Innocent passersby, including infants were slaughtered by masked goondas hired from Seemandhra region. Dozens of Hindus and Muslims were killed mercilessly by these blood-hungry thugs.

With the Telangana issue reaching a flash-point once again, the anti-statehood forces are deliberately trying to create hurdles in the path. These forces want to show these communal riots and incite Muslims that they are not safe in Telangana state.

The anti-Telangana forces are using their stooges like Jayaprakash Reddy to foment communal violence. The ongoing factional feud in ruling Congress party and the all-out race for the post of Chief Ministership is adding fuel to fire.

Telangana activists have long been anticipating such sinister conspiracies by anti-Telangana forces. Their worst fears are only confirmed with the latest series of incidents.

The people of Telangana, both Hindus and Muslims should see through these cruel conspiracies played by anti-Telangana forces. They should not let petty incidents snowball into major communal riots. They should be watchful and foil all attempts to malign the harmonic nature of Telangana.

Prof Kodandaram has issued a statement yesterday urging the citizens of Telangana not to fall prey to the deliberate conspiracies of those forces which oppose Telangana. He reminded the people of the Ganga-Jamuna Tehjeeb of Telangana.

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