What happened to your self-respect now? Harish Rao questions Eatela Rajender

Describing Eatela Rajender as a betrayer, BRS senior leader Mr T Harish Rao sought to know what happened to his much-talked self-respect now. In a massively attended meeting at Jammikunta in Huzurabad in the poll campaign, he said Mr Rajender was a betrayer and preposterous person.

He differed with the CM KCR and is now associated with Mr Kiran Kumar Reddy who staunchly opposed the separate Telangana. He is befriending Pavan Kalyan who openly talked about separate Telangana. He is closely moving with all the anti-telangana forces now. Mr Harish Rao campaigning for the party candidate Padi Kaushik Reddy, told people that all that development in Jammikunta and Huzurabad was possible only with the help of CM KCR.

Since his election two years ago, Eatela Rajender has not brought a single rupee from his New Delhi BJP bosses for the development of the Huzurabad constituency. “Mr Kaushik Reddy will be here all the time available for you. He is accessible to you. This time you all should vote for him and strengthen the hands of CM KCR,” he said.

Mr Harish Rao addressed two public meetings one at Huzurabad and another at Naraspur. He appealed to people not to believe what the Congress leaders were saying. Both the BJP and Congress leaders are out to deceive people as this is election time. If people voted for Congress, there would be no power. Again the bad old days come.

The Congress party is headed by Revanth Reddy who has a very bad track record. He was caught in buying MLC votes with Rs. 50 lakhs in broad daylight. How people give him the power to rule this state, he posed.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao