We will accept the public mandate: BRS working president KTR

The BRS working president Mr KT Rama Rao has said certainly they were disappointed by the election result but will honour the public mandate.
They did not get the expected number of seats and they would introspect the reasons for it soon. He said they would cooperate with the new government in place and play a constructive opposition role. The party thanked the party workers at all levels who strove hard and also congratulated the Congress party for its victory.

The BRS party won 39 seats with the sheer hard work of leaders and party functionaries. The party takes it as a lesson and corrects its course of action. “The BRS party has seen many ups and downs in its 23 years of existence. We have great satisfaction that it was instrumental in securing separate Telangana. We thank every government employee and individual who helped us discharge our duties during the decade-long period in government,” he said.

Mr KTR said their leader Mr KCR had taught them to be cool at all times both in turbulence and in victory. The party would again bounce back with more vigour and energy. The efforts of the party leaders and functionaries would be directed towards this end. Mr Rama Rao asked the party workers not to lose their morale and this is only a speedbreaker and not a dead end.

The public gave a mandate to the Congress and hoped that it would live up to the expectations of the people and deliver all their promises made to the people, he added.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao