Union minister Ms Nirmala Sitaraman’s claims on Telangana boomerangs.


The three-day visit of Union Finance Minister Ms Niramala Sitaraman to the state and her claims on Centre’s support boomeranged.  She clearly lacked that tactfulness and deceit that her party leaders possess who brazenly go at it hammer and tongs. Innocently she went on making tall claims that it was because of Centre’s help that Telangana is progressing.


But she had to face embarrassing moments when one B Lingavva of Birkur in Kamareddy district said that Mr KCR was giving more rice to them. “Earlier we did not get even 20 kg rice. Now every member of the family gets six kg rice that is more than what Mr Modi is giving,” she told the union minister. Telangana Finance Minister T Harish threw a gauntlet at her stating that he is ready to resign from his post if Mr Nirmala Sitaraman proved that Telangana is not implementing Ayushman scheme. She came up with a bundle of lies and knows no facts, he said.


She also failed to conduct befitting her position while interacting with the district collector, ration shop dealers, and the general public. She acted like a strict school teacher dictating to everyone. She went on lecturing and demanding that the district authorities put a photograph of Mr Modi in all ration shops.

Soon after the press conference by Mr Harish Rao, the union minister who was scheduled to address a press conference had canceled. Her party men said she would come back with full facts and figures later. She addressed the party workers’ meeting and silently left the place to avoid further embarrassment.  She had no answers to the questions posed by Mr Harish Rao and other TRS leaders who lashed out at her for her false remarks and claims.


By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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