Unemployed youth protest: High tension prevails at Gandhi Hospital

High tension prevails at Gandhi Hospital due to the ongoing hunger strike led by Mothilal Naik, leader of the unemployed Joint Action Committee (JAC). CRPF forces and local police are denying entry to politicians, activists, and even media personnel into the premises.

Mothilal Naik, spearheading the protest to highlight issues concerning unemployment, remains steadfast in his hunger strike within the hospital’s confines. His demands, aimed at addressing the concerns of unemployed youth and government job aspirants, have garnered support from various quarters.

The atmosphere outside Gandhi Hospital remains charged, with police erecting barriers to prevent media access beyond the hospital gates. Despite attempts by journalists to cover the unfolding situation, authorities have enforced a strict ban. BRS MLA Palla Rajeshwar Reddy, BRS leader Gellu Srinivas Yadav, and other leaders who came to visit Mothilal were arrested by the police.

The demands put forth by the unemployed include:

– Increasing the eligibility ratio for Group-1 Mains to 1:100

– Adding 2000 jobs in Group-2 and 3000 jobs in Group-3

– Releasing a comprehensive job calendar

– Announcing a Mega DSC with 25,000 posts