Congress high command to put a hold on Revanth Reddy’s one-upmanship

The Congress party leadership, which had given full autonomy to PCC chief and CM Revanth Reddy until the Lok Sabha elections, now appears to be reining in his decisions. Reports indicate that Revanth will now need to consider the opinions of other senior party leaders, moving away from unilateral decision-making.

Sources within the party reveal that the Congress leadership is already taking steps in this direction. A senior party leader explained that for all matters—from nominated posts to the selection of the PCC president and the expansion of the cabinet—the leadership is adopting a more collective approach. Previously, CM Revanth Reddy made decisions independently, but recently, none of the cities approved the nominated posts he proposed.

After consulting CM Revanth Reddy on selecting the new PCC president, senior party leaders summoned Deputy CM Bhatti Vikramarka, Ministers Uttam Kumar Reddy, Komati Reddy Venkat Reddy, and others to Delhi to gather their opinions.

It is reported that the party leadership discussed cabinet expansion with both CM Revanth Reddy and senior leaders. When some seniors opposed the proposals made by CM Revanth Reddy, Deputy CM Bhatti Vikramarka was called to Delhi to provide his input. Seniors pointed out that CM Revanth Reddy had unilaterally announced the inclusion of Makthal MLA Vakiti Srihari in the cabinet during the Lok Sabha elections, without consulting them.

They complained that their views were not considered in important decisions and that the list of nominated posts was announced without informing district ministers. After reviewing all developments since the formation of the Congress government in the state up to the MP elections, the leadership assured that only collective decisions would be approved in the future.

After considering the seniors’ opinions on nominated posts and cabinet expansion, the Congress leadership discussed these matters with CM Revanth Reddy. A senior leader indicated that ministerial posts would be given to those who won on the party ticket, while suggesting that nominated posts should not be awarded to those who did not get a chance to contest the elections.