Toddy tappers to get safety harnesses soon: Minister KTR

Minister KT Rama Rao has said the state government has decided to distribute safety harnesses to all the toddy tappers. The programme will begin in the Rajanna Sircilla district soon. Unveiling the statute of Sarvai Papanna at Nursing College crossroads in Sircilla on Friday, Mr Rama Rao has said the state government had waived tax on the trees and introduced ex-gratia to the toddy tappers. Now it was decided to upgrade their wear and give safety harnesses. “The harnesses are certified by the IIT, Bombay. A tapper can climb the tree without any fear and hesitation now,” he explained.

The minister announced sanctioning Rs. 2 crore for the construction of the Gowda community Bhavan in Sircilla. The BRS senior leader told the gathering that CM KCR has taken care of every section of society. Every community-based occupation was revived to better the lives of the poor and to boost the rural economy. “We appeal to you not to get carried away by some leaders who are approaching you as the elections are ahead. They tell you many things. You know their credentials. When they ruled the state, people did not get enough electricity and water for agriculture. Recall those pathetic days and strengthen CM KCR who transformed the villages within a short time,” he said.

Tourism Minister V Srinivas Goud said the community got reservations in the allocation of wine shop tenders, CM KCR has allocated the most valuable land in Hyderabad to the community and promoted toddy thus empowering the community economically. CM KCR has revived the community occupations and restored their past glory. When such a friendly man and government is in power, it is the duty of the Goud community to strengthen him further. “We should all stand united and support CM KCR in future as well,” he said.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao