There is no great democratic leader as CM KCR: KTR

Chief Minister Mr KCR will become the first chief minister in South India to hit the hattrick as the BRS party is poised to win 80 seats and beyond, said party working president Mr KT Rama Rao. He said there is no leader who matches the abilities of CM KCR in the opposition parties in the state and even in the country. His commitment and vision are unquestionable. He endeared himself as a darling of the masses. The vast majority of the people of Telangana admire him and regard him as their saviour, said KTR in an interview with a Telugu news channel.

People were thoroughly convinced that under the able leadership of Mr KCR, the Telangana state and their lives were safe and secure. Mr KTR said people realised that if they voted for the Congress party, the state would go back to dark days again. Referring to the promise of the merger of TRS with Congress, he said it was the arrogance of the Congress leaders that prevented the process. And it only proved a blessing in disguise for the people of the Telangana.

There was no discontent or anti-incumbency being talked about. It was only a section of media, social media and some vested interests that were trying to unpopular the BRS party. “I do agree that there will be some discontent among the people as some are left out of welfare programmes. They cannot wait for their turn. It is they who show their anger against the government. But that is minimum,” Mr KT Rama Rao explained.

Referring to the inaccessibility of CM KCR to the public or party leaders, Mr Rama Rao dismissed it as a myth. It was a false propaganda against CM KCR. “One cannot see a more democratic leader than KCR now in the country. Wherever he is needed, he will be there. He is always busy talking to officials and party leaders discussing about the issues concerning the people,” he explained.

It was those who left the party who talked badly about CM KCR and his style of functioning. But in general, everybody is happy with him. The political strategists and survey agencies in order to prove themselves picturise the reality in a different way. But ultimately, it is the people who decide not the strategists and survey agencies.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao