The ‘Baby Blues’ of Telangana State

By: J R Janumpalli

This has a reference to the article in Metro India, AN ALTRUISTIC TELANGANA POLITICAL IDENTITY ( some time back. Since that time, a great deal of political developments have taken place. The new 29th State of India ‘Telangana’ has taken its birth., albeit with some congenital deficiencies. Thanks to perspicacity of Congress and BJP our two great national political parties. A lot of water also has flown under our ‘Purana Pool’ bridge in Hyderabd. Yet, the political persecution of Telangana is far from over.

There is a war of attrition between Telangana on one side and the residual A.P. and the Center on the other side, going on as feared. The ‘ baby blues’ of the new born Telangana state are accentuating over the time not only because of its traditional rivals, but also because of its own imprudent political elements.

The T-BJP President Kishan Reddy asks KCR to surrender to Modi for his ‘meherbani’ for the development of TS. T-congress – Ponnala, DS, Shabbir Ali shamelessly try to paint KCR as solely responsible for all the woes of Telangana inherited from the united state. The ‘palthoo dogs’ of T-TDP still bark for the ‘cheater’ CBN, their master, even after all what he has done to TS in the last 4 months as CM of A.P. All of them are in a pathological hurry to denigrate TS government and pull it down. They have no care or concern for the machinations of A.P. and Central governments in the harassment of maiden Telngana government. Infact, they enjoy and savor the discomfiture of it immensely.

Many Telangana intellectuals as usual with their idiosyncratic attitudes and archaic ideologies find fault with KCR for not being the good boy and the superman to deliver all the promised goods in a hurry and in a bundle.

The ‘aidu duo’, wags their tails all the while and chew the ear of Modi to squeeze KCR in to submission. Modi acquiesces all the intrigues of the duo with a pokerface and watch the discomfiture of TS with amusement, while his administrations play to the tunes of the duo.

The andhras and the Center are playing their customary roles. As they were doing it for the last 60 years. But, what are we doing? Are we trying to strengthen our new found state besieged by our enemies, or, helping them to weaken it?

The need of the time is proselytizing all Telanganites for the consolidation of our new found State, weathering the unscrupulous onslaught of our foes to unsettle it. There are short comings and teething troubles, in the maiden government. All are not entirely of its making. We need to comprehend it in correct perspective and lend a helping hand with a concern and constructive internal criticism. Not to ‘cry wolf’ for everything, on every instance, helping our foes. We have to be patient and perspicacious to lay the edifice of our new state. It is an arduous job and made more so by these unscrupulous political fiends. We have to forbear with our state government during its entire maiden term to be with it in its ups and downs. Let us make a critical review at the end and evaluate it on its merits.

But, as the things are happening now, we are also playing the same customary role of indulging in our self-defeating politics, as was our bane in all the last 60 years. Where is that altruistic Telangana identity, which is a dire necessity for us now. Are we capable of cultivating it as a distinct group of people to deserve a state of our own, which has come after so much sacrifice?

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