Telangana man freed from Dubai jail after 18 years due to KTR’s efforts

Nineteen years ago, Shivarthri Hanumanthu, hailing from Jagtial district, set out for Dubai with aspirations for a better life. However, his dreams took an unfortunate turn when he became entangled in a murder case, leading to his imprisonment.

For 18 long years, Hanumanthu languished in a Dubai jail, leaving behind his wife and daughter, who was just a toddler when he left for Dubai. The family made numerous futile attempts to secure Hanumanthu’s release, until the intervention of former minister KTR finally facilitated his return.

KTR made arduous efforts to free Hanumanthu and others from Dubai jail. KTR made several representations urging the release of Hanumanthu and others who were implicated in the case. KTR made several representations to the Dubai government and held meetings with various officials, urging the release of those serving sentences in the case.

Five persons named Sivaratri Ravi, Sivaratri Mallesh, Gollem Nampalli, Dandugula Laxman from Sircilla district, and Sivaratri Hanumanthu were serving sentences in the Dubai jail. Despite attempts to reach a compromise, including offering cash compensation after consultations with the victim’s family, the Dubai government continued with the punishment. In September 2023, Minister KTR went to Dubai, engaging in discussions with both the Dubai government and officials from the Indian Consulate, seeking amnesty for the individuals.

Recently, one of the accused persons, Laxman, was released from jail, and now it is Hanumanthu’s turn. Overwhelmed with gratitude, Padma, Hanumanthu’s wife, expressed her heartfelt thanks to KTR for his instrumental role in reuniting her with her long-lost husband. The remaining three persons will be released from the jail in a few days.