Is Congress govt hatching a sinister conspiracy to permanently damage Medigadda barrage?

The recent developments in the state indicate that the Congress government seems to be hatching a sinister conspiracy to permanently damage the Laxmi (Medigadda) barrage. Instead of repairing the damaged piers, the Congress Govt is deliberately trying to expose the damaged part to floodwaters in the upcoming monsoon. Revanth Reddy’s words in the Assembly, and also in the recent review meetings also confirm that his government is making all possible efforts to sabotage the Kaleshwaram project.

It appears that the Congress government is delaying the repair of the damaged piers, allegedly aimed at causing further damage to the barrage, and shifting blame onto the previous BRS government. The accumulation of flood water due to the lifting of Annaram barrage gates and heavy inflows from Pranahitha river is posing a severe threat to the Medigadda barrage.

The combined flow of floodwater from the Annaram Barrage and the Pranahita River upstream is currently at 19,430 thousand cusecs, moving towards the Medigadda Barrage. As a result, 59 out of the 85 gates of the Medigadda Barrage are open, releasing a corresponding volume of water downstream.

Authorities diverted water towards the piers in the seventh block of the barrage severely hampering the repair work for sagging piers. On Sunday, concerns were raised when heavy floodwaters from the top of the barrage seemed to be approaching the weakened piers.

Questions are being raised about whether this is part of a deliberate strategy to weaken the Medigadda barrage. Also, authorities seem inactive in preventing water from flowing towards the damaged piers.

Questions are arising about whether this reflects negligence on the part of the authorities or if external pressures are influencing their actions. People are expressing frustration at the apparent lack of alertness and action from the officials to protect the barrage