Telangana is committed to promoting Electric Vehicles – KTR at a MoU ceremony with Formula E.

Formula E is attracting at a faster pace on par with the Formula 1 will soon conduct an event in Hyderabad city. The event besides helping improve the brand image of the city, will also create awareness among the public about electric mobility and renewable energy, said IT Minister Mr K T Rama Rao.

Speaking at a signing ceremony with Formula E, an FIA family, he said Formula E has been certified with a net-zero carbon footprint from its inception and the state government is happy to host an event in Hyderabad city.

The event will put the city in league of big cities such as Paris, Rome, London, Hong Kong, New York, Berlin, Monaco a total of 18 cities across the world, he observed.

India has also committed to net zero emissions by 2070 at the climate change conference while the Telangana state government working seriously to this effect.

The state government has taken up the slogan “Decarbonize, Digitize, and Decentralize. The primary being ‘Decarbonize’, and its commitment is clearly evident.

At present, Telangana is increasing its electricity output, growing 4-fold in the last seven years. But most importantly, it is also focussing on clean energy, with 20% of the output coming from solar power, making our State the second largest producer of solar energy in the country.

And through its flagship programme, Haritha Haram, Telangana has already increased its forest cover by a massive 632 Sq. Km in the past 2 years, and increasing the forest cover in Hyderabad by 147%, the highest in the country in the last decade.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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