Telangana growing at a pace faster than bullet train: Maharashtra CREDAI delegation

A delegation of 250 representatives from real estate organizations in Maharashtra is on a three-day visit to Hyderabad to study the progress made by Telangana, with a special focus on the development of Hyderabad city. MA&UD Minister KTR met the delegation at T-Hub and gave a detailed presentation on the programs taken up by the Government of Telangana over the past ten years to transform Hyderabad into a global city.

Minister KTR highlighted the remarkable progress of Telangana across the sectors under Chief Minister KCR’s leadership. He also emphasized Hyderabad’s improved infrastructure, booming real estate, and continuous growth. While addressing the Maharashtra delegation, Minister KTR stated that the people of Telangana and Maharashtra have strong bonds as many districts of Maharashtra share historical and cultural ties with Telangana, and were a part of the State of Hyderabad in the past. The Minister also stated that he shares a close association with Maharashtra and recalled his student days in Pune.

Minister KTR said that Telangana State was born after a separate state movement was run for decades. He added that many expressed apprehensions during the state formation, but the Telangana Government with its progressive policies and welfare schemes has brought great development in the State in the past 10 years. He added that the Telangana Government has successfully overcome the electricity and drinking water crisis. He said that the State government was ensuring the growth of both urban and rural development with its holistic, integrated, inclusive, and balanced approach.

The MA&UD Minister said that the governments need to understand that the cities have become economic growth engines for the development of the State and country. He opined that urban development can be possible only when more funds are allocated for the development of infrastructure. He added that the Telangana Government was working with a multi-faceted approach to the development of Hyderabad city.

KTR also mentioned that the Telangana Government built world-class infrastructure facilities which has played a key role in attracting investments into not just the IT sector but also into the life sciences and biotechnology sector. He stated that Hyderabad was home to major multinational companies and had surpassed Bengaluru in creating the most number of IT jobs for two consecutive years. KTR said that Telangana stood at the top position not only in IT exports but also in paddy production.

The MA&UD Minister said that the Telangana government has placed significant emphasis not only on basic infrastructure but also on administrative reforms and programs. He added that the Telangana Government has introduced revolutionary policies TS-iPASS and TS-bPASS which are not being implemented anywhere else in the country. Minister KTR stated that many delegations from other states have visited Telangana to study its welfare schemes and policies. He said that what Telangana does today India does tomorrow.

Minister KTR stated that the government is making constant efforts to strengthen the infrastructure and the public transport system keeping in mind the future needs of Hyderabad city which is fast growing in all directions. He added that the government was preparing a detailed plan to develop 415 kilometers of metro line in Hyderabad. He stated that under the SRDP program, new flyovers, underpasses, and bridges were constructed.

Minister KTR said that after Mumbai, it was Hyderabad that stood in second position in having the tallest building constructions. He also stated that Mumbai had studied and adopted the Comprehensive Road Maintenance Programme (CRMP) which was being implemented by GHMC in Hyderabad. He added that Hyderabad would be the first city in India to have 100 percent sewerage water treatment. He said that 10 percent of the municipal funds were being allocated to the green budget in every town in Telangana.

The MA&UD Minister stated that the Telangana Government initiated a large-scale dignity housing program aimed at providing free houses to the urban poor, making it one of the largest housing programs in the country. The Maharashtra delegation said that Hyderabad city has transformed in a great way in the past 10 years. The delegation members also said that under a visionary leader, any city or a state can prosper to its fullest, and Telangana, especially Hyderabad stands as a strong example where progress and development can be seen clearly.

They appreciated the efforts of CM KCR and Minister KTR for the progress of the state and also said that Telangana was registering growth at a speed that was faster than a bullet train. The delegation also mentioned that the progressive policies and programs introduced by the Telangana government for the development of Hyderabad city were studied thoroughly.