Telangana far better now compared to Congress regime: KTR

The BRS party is ready to lead a delegation of political leaders from Telangana to neighbouring Karnataka state to prove the utter hollowness of Congress leaders’ promises. The farmers are on the road now demanding for power supply. The crops are withering away. The Congress party that promised to better the lives of farmers is now bluntly refusing to help them. They are giving about five hours of power with poor quality, BRS working president and IT minister Mr KT Rama Rao said.

Similarly, the party failed to live up to the expectations of people in Karnataka and they want to implement the Karnataka model in Telangana. Mr KT Rama Rao was taking part in the “Meet the Press” organised by the Telangana Union of Working Journalists. He patiently answered a volley of questions from the media persons.

Referring to Mediagadda barrage damage, he said the same barrage negotiated 28 lakh cusecs of flood waters. There is no denying the fact that the barrage has sunk. The Central government team of experts are studying it and as per their recommendations, repairs will be carried out. “One need not answer to the resentful politicians. Their only aim is to tarnish the government for their political gains.

Listing out the initiatives taken up by the BRS government, Mr KTR pointed out that there has been tangible growth in terms of infrastructure and the standard of living of the people in Telangana during the past decade. Be it per capita income, per capita power consumption, GST collections or whatever sector, now the Telangana state stands tall among the other states in the country. “For instance, there were just 10 minority residential schools during the Congress regime. The BRS government established 204 minority residential schools. It is the only government that is spending Rs. 1,000 crore per annum for the minority welfare,” Mr KT Rama Rao pointed out.

The rural parts of the state were transformed phenomenally. People were made part of the programmes such as Palle Pragathi, Pattana Pragathi and others. “We could drive home the point that government alone can do nothing unless people supplemented its efforts for good development,” he explained. The BJP has been rising the BC card now. It removed a BC from president’s post and now talks about making a BC the chief minister. It is the party that is responsible for spiralling prices of essential commodities. It has no agenda but to divide people for its political gains.

The Congress is no different. The leaders lack vision and commitment. They say they will scrap Dharani, supply just three hours of power to farmers, stop Rythu Bandhu and undo all that was done by BRS government and chief minister Mr KCR. “Do you call this politics? Why not promise more welfare and development to the people of Telangana? The Opposition leaders are morally bankrupt. They are eager to gain power in Telangana. But people are shrewd and they will decide the fate of these leaders soon, Mr KTR opined.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao