Telangana establishes its formidable position in food production in the country

In just about nine years of formation, the Telangana state recorded an increase in food production by three times, thanks to the initiatives taken up by the BRS government. Once endless parched and barren lands are now replaced by emerald green paddy fields everywhere. Construction of irrigation projects, farmer-friendly welfare programmes such as Rythu Bandhu, Rythu Bima, procurement of food produce, provision of free 24-hour electricity and others changed the very face of the farming sector in the country. So far, the Telangana government has procured food produce worth Rs. 1.33 lakh crore.

The government’s initiatives resulted in increased area of cultivation and increased food production. The area of cultivation that was 1.31 crore acres in 2014 has rose to 2.20 crore acres by 2022. The paddy production which was 68 lakh tonnes in 2014-14 has increased to 2.70 crore tonnes in 2022-23. The area of cultivation of Cotton which was 41.83 lakh acres has increased to 60.53 lakh acres – registering an increase of 44.70 per cent. The Cotton production which was 35.83 lakh bales in 2014-15 rose to 63.97 lakh bales in 2021-22.

The State government has taken very serious and practical measures to strengthen the farming sector turning it into a profitable vocation. It has appointed one Agricultural Extension Officer for every 5,000 acres and began guiding farmers ahead of sowing season on what crop to opt for and what is in demand in the market through Market Research and Analysis Wing. As part of it, it has been now encouraging farmers to opt for oil palm cultivation in a big way and announced subsidies and other incentives.

The ruling BRS government also embarked on a massive scale of farm mechanisation and has spent Rs. 963.26 crores to date. It has benefitted 6.66 lakh farmers.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao