Telangana Congress to face formidable challenge in LS polls: Party’s internal survey 

The optimism of CM Revanth Reddy regarding the Congress’s prospects in Telangana’s Lok Sabha elections faces a reality check as a recent survey conducted by party strategist Sunil Kanugolu paints a less favourable picture. According to insider sources, the survey dampens the party’s hopes of securing 14-15 Lok Sabha seats in the state.

The revelation of the survey findings has sent shockwaves through Congress leadership, prompting a swift response from national general secretary KC Venugopal, who rushed to Hyderabad for urgent discussions with PCC leadership, AICC state in-charges, and candidates.

Venugopal probed into the reasons behind the growing opposition to the government, particularly among farmers, shortly after assuming power in Telangana. The primary cause identified was the failure to fulfill pre-election promises, a sentiment echoed in Sunil Kanugulu’s survey report conducted across MP constituencies.

Acknowledging the urgency of the situation, Venugopal issued directives to CM Revanth Reddy, Deputy CM Bhatti Vikramarka, and other leaders to vigorously counter the opposition and secure majority seats through all possible means. He emphasized the strategic importance of winning more MP seats in southern states like Karnataka, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala.

The lack of coordination between key leaders, adverse weather conditions, and unmet agricultural assurances further compound the challenges faced by the Congress in Telangana. Moreover, a disconnect between new and established party figures is evident, with certain constituencies witnessing lackluster campaign performances from nominated candidates.

Venugopal underscored the imperative of winning seats in crucial regions like Secunderabad, Malkajigiri, and Chevella, urging candidates to prioritize party unity over personal interests. CM Revanth Reddy’s earlier assertion of the Lok Sabha elections serving as a referendum on his 100-day rule has shifted to appeals for sympathy, citing his humble background as a farmer’s son.

In response to public discontent, CM Revanth Reddy unveiled corrective measures during a recent Jana Jatara Sabha in Narayanapet. He assured farmers of a comprehensive loan waiver and announced bonuses for grain production.

The Congress in Telangana is facing formidable challenges stemming from unmet expectations, internal coordination issues, and external pressures.