Telangana Congress banking on fake surveys to mislead people

With the release of the election schedule, Congress and BJP have started a mind-game with the aim of confusing people. Congress has been caught misrepresenting the results of the survey with dates. As it became clear that the Congress is bound to lose again in the State, the party is banking on fake surveys to confuse the cadres and the public. People are not paying attention to Congress even after the party leadership gave many promises. So it is spreading false propaganda to divert people’s attention from BRS.

People do not trust the survey that Congress is circulating on social media in the name of C-Voter Survey. The exit poll results announced by this organisation in the last election turned upside down. The organisation then predicted that BRS will get 42 seats and Congress will get 64 seats. The results were completely different. In the previous election, Congress suffered a death blow at the hands of BRS. BRS won a landslide victory with 88 seats, while Congress managed to get just 19 seats. If one looks at this calculation, it is clear that BRS is the winner this time too.

The public feels that a leader like KCR needs to become the Chief Minister once again in order to save Telangana from irresponsible parties like Congress and BJP. CM KCR announced the candidates with confidence in the people of Telangana keeping in mind the development and achievements achieved over the past ten years.