Telangana By-poll counting: Live Coverage


12:55 PM: Dr. Rajaiah wins Stn Ghanpur, Nagam Janardhan Reddy wins Nagar Kurnool, Jupalli Krishna Rao wins Kollapur, Jogu Ramanna wins Adilabad.

12:45 PM: Yennam Srinivas Reddy wins MBNR seat

12:20 PM: Confusion over MBNR seat as conflicting reports come in

12:10 PM: TRS wins MBNR by 200 votes. BJP comes a close second.

11:30 AM: Nagam’s majority touching 20,000 now

11:00 AM : Jupalli Krishna Rao (TRS) leading by over 5,000 votes in Kollapur

10: 56 AM: Jogu Ramanna leading by over 12, 400 votes in Adilabad

10: 55 AM: Dr. Rajaiah (TRS) lead over 29,000 in Stn. Ghanpur

10:50 AM: Md. Ibrahim (TRS) leading by about 1700 votes in Mahabubnagar

10:45 AM: Nagam leading by over 17,00 votes in Nagar Kurnool

10:30 AM: Gampa Goverdhan (TRS) wins Kamareddy by 44,231 votes.

10: 15 AM: TRS starting to regain lost ground in Mahabubnagar. Heading towards decent lead in 7th round.

9:50 AM: TDP loses deposit in Kamareddy

9: 45 AM: Congress leads after first round in Mahabubnagar district.

9:41 AM: Jupalli Krishna Rao leading by 1600 votes in Kollapur

9:38 AM: Dr. Rajaih leads by over 8,000 votes in Station Ghanpur

9:36 AM: Jogu Ramanna leads by over 8,000 votes in Adilabad

9:35 AM: TRS leads by over 20,000 votes in Kamareddy

9: 30 AM: Nagam leads by 5600 votes in Nagar Kurnool

9:12 AM: Over 11,400 votes majority to TRS in Kamareddy after 5th round

9:02 AM: Unofficial sources say Nagam leads by 3600 votes in Nagar Kurnool.

8: 58 AM: Three rounds of counting completed in Mahabubnagar district. Yet, election commission officials not declaring the trends. What’s cooking?

8:55 AM: Jogu Ramanna leads by over 5000 votes at the end of third round in Adilabad

8:50 AM: TRS leads by 7000 votes at the end of third round in Kamareddy

8:42 AM: TRS leads after second round in Kamareddy by 26oo votes on Congress. TDP is a distant third.

8:31 AM: TRS leads in Kollapur after first round

8:21 AM: TRS leads in first round in Adilabad

8:19 AM: Nagam Janardhan Reddy leads in first round in Nagar Kurnool

8: 15 AM: TRS leads in first round in Station Ghanpur

8:14 AM: TRS leads in first round in Kamareddy

7:45 AM – Counting of postal ballots begins

7:00 AM – All set for counting votes in Telangana by-polls

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