Telangana BJP workers feel dejected by the party leadership

With the party leadership still not deciding on the list of candidates for the forthcoming Assembly elections and with no activity in the party, the cadres look dejected. They are seeking to if the party is preparing for the 2028 elections or one that is only one and a half months away. Except for an occasional visit of a leader from New Delhi, there is no activity. The local leaders claim to be releasing the list of candidates at an appropriate time. But it seems a futile talk for the party workers.

They opine that even in the Congress party, there is some activity both in Hyderabad and New Delhi. They are visible to the media and the public on a daily basis. Virtually, there is no activity among the BJP leaders or party in Hyderabad. Rarely one or two come out to talk to the media and that is all. Party state president G Kishan Reddy claimed that if his party comes to power in Telangana, it would provide 10 per cent reservation to tribals. But it is already being implemented here. The BJP leaders contradict themselves and lack basic information on what is going on in the state.

Most of them fear losing their deposits in the elections as happened last time. The leaders who kept on making tall claims of defeating the BRS lost their steam as their claims were not believed by the people in Telangana.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao