Telangana Assembly Speaker bans electronic gadgets, media interactions during sessions

Two key decisions have been made by the Legislative Assembly Speaker. Henceforth, no member of the Assembly should use cell phones, tablets, or other electronic gadgets, and they are ordered not to display videos using them. The second decision pertains to the prohibition of addressing the media at the Assembly media point while the Assembly session is in progress.

During a recent heated discussion in the House regarding the management of projects built on the Krishna River and the proposal to hand over their management to the Krishna River Management Board (KRMB), tensions arose between the BRS and the Congress. When the government clarified that they were not handing over the responsibility of managing the projects to KRMB, BRS MLA Harish Rao, on his tablet, showed a video of the former Engineer in Chief in which he confirmed the transfer of projects to KRMB. Purportedly, due to this episode, the Speaker decided that electronic gadgets should not be used in the House without prior permission.

It is also known that members of BRS walked out of the assembly expressing their displeasure after CM Revanth Reddy made derogatory comments against former CM KCR on Wednesday. Later, when they attempted to address the media at the assembly point, they were stopped by security personnel. The members of BRS protested by sitting on the floor for obstructing them.

In response, Speaker Prasad Kumar made a significant announcement on Thursday morning, stating that talking to the press is not allowed at the media point on the Assembly premises while the session is in progress. However, during tea and lunch breaks, after the adjournment of the session, members can convene at the media point as usual.