Congress govt renames KCR Kits but fails in ensuring adequate supply

In a concerning turn of events, the Mother and Child Health (MCH) kits, previously known as the KCR Kits, designed to prevent maternal deaths and support new mothers and infants, have been halted for the past two months since the change in government. The KCR Kits scheme, initiated on July 20, 2017, under the KCR administration, provided financial assistance and essential items to families delivering in government hospitals.

The Congress government has faced criticism for neglecting the supply of these crucial kits, jeopardizing the progress made in reducing maternal and child mortality rates. The scheme, offering Rs. 12,000 for a male child and Rs. 13,000 for a female child, alongside baby essentials like oil, powder, dresses, sarees, handbags, towels, napkins, shampoos, and toys, has been instrumental in encouraging families to choose government hospitals for deliveries.

However, reports indicate that health officials in various districts have submitted urgent requests for MCH kits, with thousands of awaiting mothers. The lack of attention from the Congress government has led to a severe shortage, impacting even high-delivery hospitals such as Nagarkurnool District Hospital.

In Nagarkurnool, where 20 to 30 deliveries occur daily, the hospital has only 20 kits, emphasizing the gravity of the situation. With 28 Primary Health Centers (PHCs) spread across 20 mandals in the district, the inadequate supply of MCH kits raises concerns about the government’s commitment to its goal of promoting childbirth in government hospitals.

The situation has raised alarms about the potential reversal of the progress achieved in maternal and child health during the KCR government’s tenure.