Teach some sense to Revanth Reddy: KTR tells Jana Reddy

The BRS working president and minister Mr KT Rama Rao has said they do not need to learn culture from the Congress party. Interacting with the war room important functionaries at Jala Drushyam, he said Mr Jana Reddy should remember that it was Revanth Reddy who called his followers to conduct last rites to the Chief Minister. “What happened to the culture you people are talking about? My party or its leaders are not in need to learn culture from the Congress party,” Mr Rama Rao pointed out.

It was the Congress party that sold its TPCC post to Rs. 50 crore. The party leaders complained to ED about the hawala transactions involving the TPCC president. The Congress leaders are not behaving like decent political leaders but like street miscreants. They use very abusive language against the political opponents which is unwarranted.

Mr Rama Rao also pointed out that social media plays a key role in present-day life. Mr Modi was made by social media. The older generation and old methods do not work anymore. The power of social media should tapped to the best use, he opined.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao