TDP leaders caught red handed with loads of cash

Photo: The car in which police recovered cash. Notice the TDP emblem on number plate and TDP khanduva on the seat
Sensing a complete rout in the bye-elections for 6 seats in Telangana , Telugu Desam Party has started its showing its money muscle.  Yesterday, Mahabubnagar and Nizamabad police have seized huge amounts of cash from the vehicles of two TDP leaders at two different places.

In the first incident, police found 60 lakh rupees of unaccounted cash in a car in Devarakadra of Mahabubnagar district. The vehicle in which the money was being transported belonged to Darshan Agarwal, vice-president of the TDP Trade Cell. The amount was suspected to be sourced from Raichur in neighboring Karnataka, which is very close to all the three constituencies in Mahabubnagar where bye-elections are to be held. The two persons in the vehicle, reportedly driver and personal assistant of Agarwal, could not give valid information about the cash. However, the driver agreed that the money belonged to the TDP leader.

The car was registered with the Sanga Reddy RTA under the name of ‘Punjab Steels’. The number plate carried a logo of the TDP and some party merchandise.

In a separate incident in Machareddy, police seized 14.5 lakh rupees of unaccounted money from Gola Gourayya of Karimnagar. He was transporting the cash to Nizamabad under the pretext of registering a flat. However, he was not able to produce any valid documents and the police handed over the cash to Income Tax Department.

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