Talk about the elephant CSDS, not the ants

CSDS has now come up with an ‘expert report’ to give a clean chit to their Telangana Survey. The report accepts there were some inconsistencies in all three aspects they looked into viz: Sampling, Questionnaire and Data. [Read the report here]

But surprisingly, the report does not answer the two main issues that the Mission Telangana team raised about the CSDS Survey.

Those issues were:

– Using Pemmasani Narasimha Rao, the Samaikyandhra JAC convener as in-charge for this sensitive survey is against the basic ethics of research. You can’t trust a person with a known bias towards Telangana to conduct a survey on this issue.

– Using students from Nagarjuna University, which is known as hotbed of anti-Telangana protests, as field investigators for this survey. We provided specific examples with photos of how these investigators were caught red handed trying to rig the survey.

Either CSDS very cleverly asked the expert team to examine minor technical issues, or the expert team itself failed to look into the larger issues that we have raised.

The expert team just tried to analyze some survey issues, which are petty when compared with the large issues that plague this survey.

Even in these minor issues, the expert committee also seconded our view about a large number of respondents from Telangana answering “Don’t Know/No opinion” to questions related to Telangana. The committee felt “this is an area of concern”

We at Mission Telangana reject this report outright and would like to ask the same experts, their opinion on the two important issues raised by us. We would also like to remind CSDS that their actions to cover up this survey are only strengthening our case.


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