T-Hub inspires the Maharashtra government to set up its own incubation hub

Taking a cue from the most successful T-Hub, the Maharashtra government is planning to set up M-Hub. This amply proves the claim that it is Telangana that implements and the rest of the country follows. With an aim to support and encouraging young and aspiring entrepreneurs, the Maharashtra government is setting up M-Hub. For this purpose, the government is coming up with a new policy on IT and IT-enabled services.

T-Hub CEO M Srinivasa Rao said a team of officials from Maharashtra visited the T-Hub recently to learn how the T-Hub functioned and how it helped the state. They also asked the T-Hub to guide them in setting up one in Maharashtra. Mr Rao further said they were focusing on encouraging startups in the semiconductor sector in collaboration with the Atal Innovation Centre. As many as 10 startups were selected and mobilised Rs. 6 crore through angel investment.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao