SRSP turns out into a tourist spot with steady water inflows from Kaleshwaram Project

The uninterrupted flow of plentiful water that is filling the picturesque SRSP has turned out into a tourist spot in the Nizamabad district. Tens and hundreds of farmers and the general public with their families are thronging the site to witness the scene. Water from the prestigious Kaleshwaram project is pumped into the SRSP through reversing pumping from Mupkal pump house.

Farmers take the water into their hands offering special prayers wishing for it to be there forever to wet their crops and bring prosperity to them. Many were taking selfies and having a fun time in the lap of nature around the water body. The farmers feel their hearts full as the water rushed into the project resulting in a rise in the water level in the project. “We saw the water flowing downstream. We doubted if the Pochampad ever gets water. We doubted when heard of the lifting of water. Now we are witnessing the word and deed of Mr KCR. Our hearts filled with joy,” said a group of farmers who visited the Mupkal pump house on Monday.

Elderly Muthenna, a farmer from Choutpalli said as the monsoon begins, they used to worry about rains. Now the project is being filled, we need not worry anymore. “Earlier government did not provide this facility but CM KCR did it,” he said. Ms Gangamani, a farmer from Basheerabad, Kammarpalli of Nizamabad said CM KCR said it and did it. “We will never forget this gesture,” she said. Minister Vemula Prashanth Reddy said the farmers need not worry about the scanty rainfall. They will have water for irrigation throughout the year from Kaleshwaram project. “Whatever CM KCR does, it is good for the farmers,” he said.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao