Say ‘No’ to Suicides, and ‘Yes’ to struggle

Thousands of Telanganites marched from Sundarayya Prak in Baghlingampally to Indira Park as a part of the mega rally called by Telangana Rashtra Samithi and Telangana Political Joint Action Committee. The slogans of “balidaanaaloddu, barigeesi kotlaadudaam” (say no to suicides, let us fight it out) and ‘Jai Telangana’ reverberated all through the route.

Several Telangana government and private employee unions, peoples organizations and students participated in this rally. All TRS MLAs attended the rally.

TJAC chairman Prof Kodandaram criticized the prime minister for keeping mum when the whole region is burning. He compared Manmohan to a lifeless mannenquin in a clothstore.

TRS MLA Eetela Rajendar appealed to the youngsters not to take the extreme step. He assured the youngsters that their party will wage an uncompromising was until the statehood is achieved.

Employee union leaders Swami Goud, Deviprasad, Srinivas Goud, Vittal, Telangana Jagruthi president Kalvakuntla Kavita, Telangana Journalists Forum president Allam Narayana, Telengana Electronic Media Journalists Association representative Ramana, Namasthe Telangana CEO Katta Sekhar Reddy, Telangana Development Forum-India president DP Reddy, representatives of Telangana Netizens Forum, Telangana Lecturers Forum, Telangana Private Sector Employees Association, Telangana retired Engineers Association and dozens of other organizations participated in this rally.

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