Rayala Telangana, ‘my foot’!

Photo: JC Diwakar Reddy, Rayala Telangana proponent and a rich politician from Rayalaseema poses with his Jaguar car which costs 1.5 Crore.

The very concept of Rayala Telangana reeks of political skullduggery.

It is Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy, who was the cause and effect, of Hyderabad state merging with Andhra. He is the chief offender of breaking the gentlemen’s agreement for his political advancement and paving the way for looting the resources of Telangana for Seemandhra. He has initiated the use of Seemandhra political majority to strangulate Telangana.

In 1969 when GO No 36 was issued by Kasu Brahmananda Reddy government to repatriate Seemandhra employees who have usurped Telangana jobs, to their regions, Sri D.Sanjeeviah the then minister from Kurnool district intervened and stopped it. He said that Seemandhra employees are not vegetable baskets to be transported like that.

GO 36 was the forerunner for the present days Go No.610 which has identified another 60,000 Seemandhra employees in Telangana jobs and is languishing for the last 26 years for implementation. This political hegemony has made the ‘water hyacinth’ like spread of Seemandhra employees in Hyderabad and Telangana. Today in AP Secretariat more than 80% are Seemandhras – almost all the Head-of-Departments in government are of Seemandhra origin. Presently, there is a disproportionately larger presence of Seemandhra employees in Telangana jobs in the state.

We are all aware how they have stolen our legitimate water from Tungabhadra into Sunkesula and KC canal. The outrageous day light robbery of Rajolibanda Diversion Scheme canal water from Mahabubnagar to Kurnool by their political goondagiri, is a damning real example. This thuggery is continued even today at the height of Telangana agitation.

It is an open secret that 100 tmc of legitimate Krishna water belonging to Mahabubnagar is being diverted to Rayalaseema via Pothireddipadu regulator. Now in the ‘Jalayagnam’ initiated by Rayalaseema leader YSR Reddy, huge quantities of Telangana Godavari water are to be diverted to benefit whole of Seemandhra making Telangana a virtual semi-desert. During YSR, regime thousands of acres of Telangana land was sold by government and was distributed to his cohorts at throw away prices. Today there are huge estates owned by Rayalaseema politicians and guarded by Rayalaseema rowdies in and around Hyderabad.

The Rayalaseema leaders were the scourge of Telangana along with Andhras. As long as they were plundering Telangana with Andhras they were happy. Now as separation of Telangana appears to be imminent, they feel insecure and are crying foul. They don’t want to be with Aandhra people, as they are the chips of the same block. They know how trustworthy they are. Moreover they think that they can continue to hoodwink Telangana people as usual, if they have a truck with Telangana now.

The utterances of Venkat Rama Reddy, Pratap Reddy, Shilajanath, TG Venkatesh etc., against Telangana are still rending our ears. The mealy mouthed politician JC heckled the very idea of separate Telangana and is now advertising for Rayala Telangana. The MIM which was supporting ‘Andhra’ government to the hilt for Samaikyandhra is now touting the idea of Rayala Telangana for obvious reasons. Yes, they have their agenda and ulterior motives. After all of this may – hem by rayalaseema leaders in Telangana why should TRS show interest in this morbid proposal? Earlier KCR met with Asaduddin and said that Rayala Telangana proposal was made. The political raven JC Diwakar Reddy is drumbeating it again. Now KTR is sounding equivocal about it. Instead of outrightly rejecting the preposterous proposal, he says that they will consider when the govt. proposes it as an alternative. This is dangerous and suicidal.

God forbid Rayala Telangana. If it comes in to existence, it will be creating another cancerous political ulcer, like the one which has already destroyed the lives of few generations of Telangana people. Entertaining this idea and hobnobbing with these cut throat politicians can spoil all the good work done by TRS and its supporters. TRS is already under cloud for its bungling of MBNR by-poll. It will be well advised to steer clear of this kind of self defeating controversies. Telangana as it was at the time of merger will be only the answer for the sacrifice of 800 Telangana youth. Anything other than that is hazardous for Telangana and is not worthwhile to consider.

There is need for apolitical Telangana organizations like TDF, PTF, TIT etc., coming together and form a pressure group within TJAC or otherwise to monitor such division ‘distrusts’. For, all political parties are privy for compromises over the lives of people they are representing, for their political pelf. Telangana state would be an emancipation of bonded people from majority political dictatorship in a democracy. There is no space for compromise. Telangana people want their state back as it was in 1956 at the time of merger. They don’t want any colonial Seemandhra hangover which would become another albatross around their neck. They want to rule themselves with in their own state with dignity and self respect.

J R Janumpalli

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