RSS man heading Congress in Telangana: BRS Working President KTR

Launching a sharp attack on the Congress, BRS Working President KTR said that the Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee was functioning under RSS leader Revanth Reddy. KTR said that the Punjab former Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh had written a letter to Sonia Gandhi questioning why an RSS leader was made the Chief of the Congress Party in Telangana. “Can Revanth Reddy openly make a statement that he did not work for RSS, and he does not hate Muslims,” KTR asked.

“Congress party is an old fox which has failed miserably,” said KTR. He added that the Congress was given 11 chances but could not do any good to any section of society in 65 years. KTR reminded the people of those days when farmers suffered due to current problems. “Any congress leader who has doubts on uninterrupted power supply in Telangana, can come and hold current wires for an answer,” said KTR. He also said that it was ironic to see Congress leaders talk about current problems in the State.

“Revanth Reddy is a leader who said three-hour current supply was sufficient for the farmers in our state,” said KTR. He asked the people to recollect Congress days when farmers were deprived of many benefits, apart from current and water problems, inadequate supply of seeds and fertilizers, and many more. “No other leader loves farmers and works for their welfare like CM KCR does,” said KTR.

“As BRS leaders, we can proudly say KCR is our CM. Can Congress tell who will be their CM?,” asked KTR. “If you want to see the difference between Congress and BRS, just compare the Indiramma houses of Congress and 2BHK Dignity houses of BRS. You will get a clear picture,” said KTR.

In a sarcastic tone, KTR said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi was a God who increased cylinder prices from Rs. 400 to 1200, petrol prices from Rs. 70 to Rs. 110, and ensured skyrocketing prices of other essential goods. KTR stated that the BJP leaders were indulging in religious fanaticism and would leave no chance to instigate communal disturbances. “I ask Modi, are you a follower of Gandhi or Godse? Modi should answer this in Nizamabad,” said KTR.

During his speech in Jagityal, KTR said, “The pension given by CM KCR is helping boost the self-esteem of beedi workers in Telangana. While 16 states in the country have beedi workers, no other state government was providing pension amounts on par with KCR Government,” he said. KTR said that the KCR Colony in Jagityal is one of the largest colonies outside Hyderabad which has over 4500 2 BHK Dignity houses. He assured of bringing major brands like Pepsi or Coca-Cola to set up their units in Jagityal which would benefit the locals.