RSS and hardcore BJP leaders aghast at developments within Telangana BJP

Internal bickerings, money politics and groupism robbed the sheen of BJP, rued RSS and hardcore cadre. Holding Bandi Sanjay responsible for the erosion of party values and discipline, they also held Eatela Rajender and others equally responsible. The BJP was a disciplined party with some core values which are now lost in the Telangana unit.

Starting as an activist in RSS, one takes many decades to become a prominent person. After decades of dedication and contribution, one could get a chance to contest in the elections on BJP ticket. Now, the situation is totally changed. Mr Eatela Rajender who joined a few months ago is demanding a prominent position. That is a new trend and that is very bad. It was not the culture of BJP leaders to sulk and give leaks to the media damaging the image of the party, the RSS seniors felt.

It is very sad to see that party divided into many groups headed by Eatela Rajender, Bandi Sanjay and others. The height of the development is Eatela Rajender blackmailing the party’s high command at New Delhi. It is unprecedented in the history of BJP. The RSS leaders opine that the party has been destroyed thoroughly in Telangana state much to the consternation of RSS and old-time BJP leaders. It took decades to build the party but those who joined recently ensured its decline within no time, they rued.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao