Recognition Telangana gets today is rewarding: Principal Secretary Jayesh Ranjan

Principal Secretary, IT and Industries department, Jayesh Ranjan who was a part of the Telangana delegation to the UK and the US led by IT and Industries Minister KT Rama Rao shared how fruitful the recent business trip has been in terms of outcomes.

Jayesh Ranjan said that though he had accompanied the Minister on several trips, the outcomes from this trip were unprecedented. “I have been to multiple domestic and international roadshows accompanying Minister KTR, but the outcomes of our most recent trip are unprecedented,” The Principal Secretary said. Jayesh Ranjan added that the respect and recognition that Telangana enjoys today makes their hard work rewarding.

Minister KTR’s two weeks tour to the UK and the US has fetched more than 42,000 direct jobs for the youth of Telangana and each direct job has a potential to create 3 to 4 indirect jobs. Attending more than 80 business meetings, 5 roundtables and two conferences, the Minister attracted several big-ticket investments to the state of Telangana. Minister KTR was successful in showcasing the growth story of Telangana and presenting Telangana as an ideal investment destination