Radar station will endanger biodiversity in Vikarabad district, KTR slams Congress

Protesting the Congress government’s decision to transfer forest land to the Navy, BRS Working President KTR unequivocally stated that the proposed radar station would harm the environment, birds, and biodiversity in the Vikarabad district. At a party meeting in Parigi, KTR mentioned that over the last ten years, the BRS government had prevented the establishment of the station to protect biodiversity.

The Congress government has approved the establishment of a Very Low Frequency (VLF) radar station in Vikarabad district, putting biodiversity in the region at risk. The state government has transferred 1,174 hectares (2,901 acres) of forest land under the Damagudem Reserve Forest near Pudur village in Vikarabad district to Navy officials.

KTR said that the radar station would benefit no one and would result in radiation in the area. He added that the Congress government gave the green signal to a project that would involve cutting down 12 lakh trees. KTR emphasized that Vikarabad district is an ecologically vital region as the Musi River originates from here. He also pointed out that radiation from the radar station might affect agriculture in the area by disturbing the existing greenery.

KTR questioned the Congress government on how many jobs the locals would receive in return for the transfer of 3,000 acres of forest land for the station. He added that as the principal opposition party in the state, BRS will stand by those who are fighting against the establishment of the radar station.