Power cuts rock Telangana; distressed citizens plead with KTR to do ‘something’

Unscheduled power cuts and prolonged outages have become a norm in Telangana. The Telangana Southern Power Distribution Company Limited’s (TGSPDCL) ‘X’ account is flooded with numerous complaints about interruptions in electricity supply. Yesterday alone, the power discom received hundreds of complaints, with many more unreported incidents.

The public is questioning the Congress government about power cuts when there is no rain or hailstorm. The outages are lasting for hours, and this has become a daily phenomenon. People are drawing parallels between the previous BRS government and the current regime concerning power supply and criticizing CM Revanth Reddy for bringing back pre-2014 days.

Distressed citizens are now pleading with former Minister KTR to do something and stop these power cuts. Moved by their plight, KTR responded on his ‘X’ account, “Wish I could do something, but now it’s the Congress Government which promised to usher in the ‘Change.’ Will highlight some of the tweets to Energy Minister Bhatti Vikramarka,” wrote KTR.

Consumers are also highlighting that the power quality is poor, with voltage fluctuations, and some are advising citizens to use stabilizers to protect their electronic devices. It should be noted that the frequency of power cuts has increased since the Lok Sabha elections were completed in Telangana. Some netizens are now reminding others that during the Assembly elections, the BRS Party had already warned that power cuts would return if Congress won power.