Poster war reaching peak in Munugode

The war of words on the wall is the trend in Munugode. As the polling date is fast approaching, the candidates are searching for creative ways to attract voters. It all began against BJP candidate Komatireddy Rajagopal Reddy when he switched his loyalty from Congress to the BJP. Posters saying, ‘Munugode will not forgive Rajagopal’ cropped up in the segment, allegedly put up by the supporters of Congress.

As the notification for the by-poll was released, the poster war slowly started reaching its peak. Posters taking a dig at Rajagopal Reddy’s Rs.18,000 cr quid-pr-quo charge became a common sight in the constituency. Wall posters and notice boards against the BJP became a big hit, especially the ones reportedly put up by the voters of Dubbak and Huzurabad warning the people of Munugode not to fall prey to the BJP’s false promises. 

Of late, Rajagopal Reddy has understood that he fell behind in the campaign race. And, now he has decided to catch up with the trend. It is learnt that he asked his supporters to fill the walls of Mungode with posters in his favour. 

Though the BJP nominee is trying to save his face, the damage was heavily inflicted. And the frustration displayed by Rajagopal Reddy in his campaign speeches is a clear sign that he fell in defence. 


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