Nirmala Sitharaman’s justification reflects the moral bankruptcy of BJP government

When the whole country – businessmen, academics, and economists are all tense with the falling rupee value against the dollar, the Union Finance minister Ms Niramala Sitaraman came up with a funny justification. “I do not see rupee value falling but it is the dollar that is gaining strength.” Can there be any more irony? The citizens of the country wonder with her theory.

She went on to say that the rupee value is good compared to the value of currencies of other countries. She also denied that the Central government is using the centre agencies such as ED, CBI, and IT against its political opponents. “They are working independently,” she pointed out.

On the issue of the decline in the global hunger index, the BJP social media and its band of intellectuals justified that the sample taken for the examination was very low and the ranking was not scientific.

Mr KTR had already said how BJP would justify the global hunger index rating.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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