Ponnam Prabhakar insults Warangal ZP chairman Sudheer Kumar

Warangal ZP Chairman Marepalli Sudheer Kumar faced public humiliation during an event in Bhimadevarapalli mandal on Sunday. The event, attended by Transport and BC Welfare Minister Ponnam Prabhakar and Sudheer Kumar as chief guests, took an unexpected turn during Sudheer Kumar’s speech.

While addressing the gathering, Sudheer Kumar highlighted the previous government’s efforts in increasing the number of SC residential schools from 239 to 1,000, emphasizing the need for further expansion to benefit students. He also mentioned the Rs. 10 lakh financial assistance to Dalits under the Dalit Bandhu scheme.

The ZP Chairman then reminded the Congress government about their promise of Rs. 12 lakh assistance to Dalits and tribals, urging the government to start the scheme at the earliest.

Irked by the request, Minister Ponnam Prabhakar intervened and seized the mic from Sudheer Kumar. Prabhakar sternly reminded Kumar to avoid political discourse at the event dedicated to Ambedkar’s legacy. Despite Sudheer Kumar’s repeated attempts to retrieve the mic to clarify his statements, he was denied the opportunity, leading to visible frustration.