People elated with BRS Party’s promise to supply fine rice

Chief Minister KCR has announced that fine rice would be supplied to all 93 lakh white ration card holders. This has got a very good response from the people of the state. At a time when the prices were soaring every day, the decision to give fine rice was welcomed by the people.

Until now, only 50 per cent of cardholders are lifting rice from the ration shops while the rest are selling away the rice at Rs. 6 to Rs. 12 per kg in the market. They are buying fine rice at Rs. 40 to Rs. 50 thus burdening themselves. It also resulted in the recycling of rice and black marketing by the traders. Now with the BRS manifesto promising fine rice to all, it will put an end to the recycling and black marketing of rice.

People across the state are happy with the decision of KCR to launch quality and nutritious breakfast for the school children and fine rice for lunch as well. The decision to supply fine rice to all entails an additional financial burden of Rs. 1,500 per year. Now the state government has to spend Rs. 5,500 crore every year towards rice distribution.

However, the pro-poor CM KCR has taken the decision without minding the additional expenditure. People are not only happy but want to vote for CM KCR for his decision to give fine rice to them.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao.