From Augusta choppers to coal, Congress party looted the country: KTR

BRS working president Mr KT Rama Rao took strong exception to the remarks made by the Congress leader Rahul Gandhi in Mulugu. Rahul Gandhi during his ongoing visit to the Telangana proved to be a reader and not a leader. He has been reading out the text handed over to him by the local leaders who lacked any knowledge. The local leaders are engaged in mudslinging at the CM KCR and his party leaders.

It is ironic that Mr Rahul Gandhi is talking about corruption and dynasty rule. Neither of them applies to Congress better than any other party in the country. From the Augusta chopper scandal to the coal scandal, the Congress leader did not leave anything in the country. They looted the country and amassed crore of rupees.

The Gandhi family has ruled the country and has continued to be in politics since independence. Now they talk about dynasties or family rule. Can there be more mockery than this? Mr KTR sought to know. He was addressing the differently-ebled persons at the party office. Mr KTR pointed out that Rahul Gandhi is touring the state campaigning for his party accompanying a cheater and accused in criminal cases, Revanth Reddy. One could not expect something good from Rahul Gandhi is such a state.

The Congress party lost its culture and ideology long ago. It has become obsolete and irrelevant now. It lost touch with the people and their welfare. It has been reduced to a bunch of greedy people who are still engaged in exploiting it for their personal benefit.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao