Panchayat Raj Minister Mr Errabelli Dayakar Rao faults centre for pending bills.

The Panchayat Raj minister Errabelli Dayakar Rao urging people to take part in a big way in Palle Pragathi said so far the TRS government has spent Rs 9,560.32 crore and now against released Rs 745 crore on June 20 to all the local bodies.

Mr Dayakar Rao said now once again  Rs166 crore were released.

The minister was launching the fifth phase of Palle Pragathi at Aminabad village in Narasampet, Warangal district.

He said Grama Sabhas were held in 12,769 villages and reviewed the progress achieved so far. Public representatives MPTCs, MPP, ZPTC, NGOs  and others were all involved in committees that look after lighting, sanitation, drinking water, planning among others in each Gram Panchayat.

Mr Dayakar Rao said almost all the villages in the state have changed and are looking more clean and green now. This was the vision of Chief Minister Mr KCR. The State government has sanctioned tractor for sanitation, tanker for watering plants and other equipment needed for gram panchayats for maintenance of villages.

However it was  the central government that is jealous of Telangana progress and has been delaying funds due for the state.

From the state government side no bills are pending. If they are pending the central government led by BJP is responsible

Mr Dayakar Rao urged people to be united and not to be influenced by BJP’S instigation for votes. The unity among people does good to all but BJP leaders are talking about caste, religion, mandir masjid rather than development and welfare. People should stay away from BJP leaders, he said.


By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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