Gross injustice to Telangana by the BJP government at centre, Minister KTR.

The BJP government at centre accorded national status to upper Bhadra project in Karnataka. But it denied the same to Palamuru project. Not a single help is coming from the central government. Mr KTR was addressing a huge public meeting in Devarakadra constituency in Mahabubnagar. He laid the foundation stone for development works worth Rs 119 crore. He also promised a playground among others.

Local BJP leaders say they’ll dig up the masjid sowing seeds of hatred among people. But TRS will dig to lay the foundation for development works. Mr KTR urged people not to get diverted by BJP leaders or Congress leaders.

It was due to the vision and commitment of Chief Minister Mr KCR, once parched and most backward district Mahabubnagar is witnessing a slow change for the better. If people strengthen the hands of Mr KCR,more development will come. People who migrated distant places for livelihood are now staying in villages. The TRS government is providing free irrigation, free power and input assistance such as  Rythu Bandhu making agriculture a viable vocation.

Mr KTR said nowhere in the country the welfare programmes which TRS is implementing in Telangana are given to people. Be it Congress or BJP ruled states. Telangana government  is much ahead than Gujarat, the native state of pre minister Mr Modi in all aspects. The Gujarat government announced power holidays but the Telangana government is offering round the clock quality power to all sectors and free power to the agriculture sector, he said.

Mr KTR lauded the efforts of local MLA A Venkateswar Reddy and others for their work.


By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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