Omnicom Group chooses Hyderabad for New Global Capability Centre

Omnicom Group, a renowned global media, marketing, and communications company, will be setting up a large Global Capability Center in Hyderabad. This move is set to create an estimated 2,500+ new employment opportunities Minister KTR and his delegation met with Omnicom’s leadership team at New York on Aug 24th 2023. This announcement stands as a testament to the city’s growing presence in the media industry.

Expressing the city’s enthusiasm for this transformative partnership, Minister KTR said “Our preliminary discussions with Omnicom’s leadership team during our May meeting has rapidly taken shape by August. It is incredibly gratifying to see Omnicom’s plans align perfectly with our vision of fostering innovation and growth in the media sector.”

Zaid Al Rashid, Global Executive Vice President of Digital Operations at Omnicom Group, affirmed the company’s choice of Hyderabad for its new GCC. With operations spanning across 100 countries, Omnicom’s decision to expand its footprint in India further solidifies the country’s strategic importance in the global media landscape.

The establishment of a Global Capability Centre by such a renowned industry leader is poised to catalyse media advancements and drive sustained growth in Telangana. Hyderabad, already the preferred destination for establishing global GCCs, continues to attract major players in the industry. The city’s dynamic ecosystem, combined with the proactive support of the Government of Telangana, makes it an ideal choice for organisations seeking growth and innovation.