NRIs condemns Uttam dishwasher remarks

Non-Resident Indians from across the world demanded an apology from Uttam Kumar Reddy for making a derogatory remark against Minister KT Rama Rao.

“Many NRIs expressed their displeasure against Uttam Kumar Reddy on Social media and over phone calls. Uttam Kumar Reddy should come out and apologize to us for disrespecting NRI fraternity. Washing dishes and cleaning own toilets is not a crime, it’s dignity of labor and a common practice for most of the NRIs. We will not accept such unsavory comments against us,” said Mahesh Bigala, NRI Coordinator.

Talking about Minister KT Rama Rao, Mahesh Bigala said, “In 2006, KT Rama Rao resigned from his job in the USA and returned to India to join Telangana moment. He resigned as an MLA for the cause of separate statehood and also went to jail during Telangana agitation. While he was fighting for Telangana on the roads, Uttam Kumar Reddy was enjoying his Ministerial powers and never cared for Telangana.

He also called KT Rama Rao a Hero in the hearts of millions of people. “Out of frustration and jealousy, Uttam is making these derogatory comments. We demand an apology to KTR and entire NRI community,” he added.

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