Rebuilding people’s faith in government hospitals

The government of Telangana is rebuilding people’s faith in public health institutions by upgrading the standards in hospitals and introducing new schemes in the health sector. The number of patients who come for treatment in government hospitals has increased in recent times.

A Flagship program like KCR Kit has resulted in increasing the public health institutional deliveries by about 6% and the increase has been seen gradually ever since it was introduced last June. The scheme has uplifted the Out-Patient number in several area hospitals across the state.

The government has also launched a massive eye-screening programme, Kanti Velugu in 12,751 villages of Telangana. Under this program, around 3.70 crore people in Telangana will be screened for ocular problems. An estimated 40 lakh people will get free glasses and people who require surgery will undergo eye operation to correct different ocular problems.

Apart from the innovative schemes, the aesthetics and the infrastructure of government healthcare centers have improved over the past few months. And the government is focusing on Primary Health Centres (PHC), district hospitals and maternity hospitals in particular. In the process of improving the infrastructure, many hospitals have now installed LED direction boards and are also painting the walls.

With the first of its kind schemes and a special focus on public health, the government of Telangana is helping the poor and needy with timely treatment and medication.

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