Now, more medical seats available for Telangana students, state govt. amend rules

Now more medical seats are available for the Telangana students. The state government has amended the state medical colleges admission rules under Article 371 D. This enables the government to put 100 per cent of seats at the disposal of students belonging to Telangana without any convenor quota. Under the convenor quota, 15 per cent of seats are reserved for students from all over the country. Under the amended rules that are applicable to colleges set up after June 2, 2014, a total of additional 520 seats are now available for Telangana students. The 15 per cent All India quota will remain the same for the rest of the old colleges.

Hitherto, there were 20 private and government medical colleges in the state with 2,850 MBBS seats. Of which the 15 per cent seats mean 280 seats are reserved for the convenor quota. Now the number of medical colleges rose to 56 with 36 new medical colleges and 8,340 seats. As per the amended rules of admission, an additional 520 seats are now available for students belonging to Telangana state.

Already under the B Category, 85 per cent of seats are available for Telangana students. A total of 1,820 seats are exclusively meant for students of the state which is equivalent to 20 medical colleges seats capacity. The total MBBS seats offered by the medical colleges in Telangana state account for 43 per cent of MBBS seats in the country, according to Health Minister T Harish Rao.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao