No salaries to Anganwadi workers for two months

The Congress party, which had made tall promises before the assembly elections, is now facing challenges in fulfilling them. Despite pledging to ensure timely payment of government employees’ salaries upon assuming power, they have struggled with implementation. Existing salaries are not being disbursed properly, leaving Anganwadi teachers and nurses waiting for their pay for two months.

Anganwadis play a crucial role in providing nutritious food to pregnant women, infants, and young children, as well as offering pre-primary education and conducting various government surveys and programs.  Despite occasional nominal increases, the salaries remained inadequate in the erstwhile Andhra Pradesh.  The situation began to change during KCR’s rule which recognized the vital services provided by Anganwadis and took steps to improve their conditions.

In the BRS government,  the wages of Anganwadi teachers were significantly increased to Rs. 13,650 per month, while helpers saw their pay rise to Rs. 7,800 per month—unprecedented raises compared to other states. Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, the state ensured that salaries were paid on time, demonstrating a commitment to employee welfare.

However, since the Congress government took office 75 days ago, Anganwadi teachers and helpers have not received their salaries for two months. Across the state’s 35,000 centers, 65,000 Anganwadi workers are affected.

Their frustration is mounting as they struggle to make ends meet and are forced into debt due to the delayed payments. Despite their grievances, attempts to meet with Congress leaders have been unsuccessful, leaving them feeling disregarded and unheard.