Nizam Sagar was neglected in united AP: CM KCR in Jukkal

Jukkal: The successive rulers successfully neglected the projects of the Telangana region and hence places like Jukkal had to experience drought-like situations, observed CM KCR. “Being a farmer, I had to dig 27 borewells in my fields. There was no success as the groundwater declined sharply. This 100-year-old Nizamsagar was neglected by the rulers in the past,” he pointed out.

Mr KCR was addressing a public meeting here on Monday. He appealed to people not to forget those bad days and who was responsible for it. The villages of Jukkal craved for drinking water once. Now they get water at their doorstep through Mission Bhagiratha. All the village tanks were revived under Mission Kakatiya. The BRS leader wanted the people to compare with the neighbouring Karnataka and Maharashtra states bordering their constituency. “Every eight to eleven farmers still commit suicides in Maharashtra. The farmers of Karnataka are forced to come out onto roads to protest demanding power supply,” he pointed out.

It was funny to see the Karnakata deputy chief minister DK Shiva Kumar telling the people of Telangana that they are giving five hours of power supply. He does not know that Telangana people and farmers get 24 24-hour supply of power. The farmers get free power. The progress of any state could be measured through the per capita income which is the highest in Telangana in the country. So also the per capita consumption of power rose from 1100 units to 2200 units. This speaks volumes about the progress of the state.

Mr KCR addressing the minorities said until his last breathe, there will be peace and tranquillity in the state. There is not a single incidence of communal violence under the BRS regime. It will continue to be like that. He requested the people to vote in large numbers for the sitting MLA and party candidate Hanumanth Shinde and ensure the continuance of all the welfare and development programmes.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao